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Customer Testimonials

The A Quality Transmission staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!


We have been blessed to have been chosen the #1 transmission shop in all of Desoto County. Thank you so much for voting for us!
#1 Transmission Shop from Desoto County
HONEST DEPENDABLE CONCERNED INFORMED. These are just a few words that describe Nathan and Joni. They have been repairing my vehicles for over ten years, and will continue to do so. A Quality will ALWAYS repair every vehicle I own. Occasionally Nathan makes a mistake and doesn"t charge enough. HE NEVER OVERCHARGES!!!!!! David Dacy 3/2/2015
David Dacy from Hernando, Ms.
I have had work done at A Quality before and they are the best mechanic in the Midsouth. They are very thorough and explain the repairs needed. My parents brought in their 2005 Ford Taurus for a transmission overhaul. They explained the problem and fixed it in the time they promised. I've had a transmission rebuilt at other places and still it would shift rough, this car now drives like it just came off the assembly line. Never have had a rebuilt transmission shift so smoothly like this one does. I can see Mr. Nathan Wood's knowledge passed down to his wife and the rest of the staff that works there. Thank you again for the fine work that you all do. Mr. Nathan would be very proud. April 14, 2017
Michael Green from Horn Lake, MS
On June 14th I took my 1998 Honda crv/ which is actually my mail delivery car to a local chain repair shop and was told that it would cost thousands to repair my car. I really didn't know what I was going to do seeing as how I had to have this car for work. I called A Quality because I had dealt with them in the past and thought well it is worth a try. Lo and behold my car was fixed for $350.00 and was ready the next day!! I put my trust in them and they did not let me down. I will never go to anyone else!! Thanks so much:)
Lisa Harris from Southaven Ms
I just can't say enough good things about this shop! We really ran into a rut and were shown nothing but kindness and compassion upon walking into the shop. My boyfriend and I were heading home from an overnight stay in Tunica, MS on Monday July 10, 2017. We were about 20 mins away from the hotel (heading back home) when we started to have car trouble! My car wouldn't shift gears, so we were only able to go about 40 mph. We were about 5 hours away from home and didn't know anyone or any places to go to. We were recommended by another shop to go to A - Quality Transmission and I'm so glad we did. Joni and all of her staff were so kind and got us on the list for our car to be worked on the next day. Joni's kindess and caring is what kept us calm the whole time! It was so nice to be treated with respect when we were out of towners. Monday morning rolls around and we drop the car off. We explained that we would be without transportation while the car was being fixed and Joni even went out of her way to give us a ride to the Uhaul place so we could rent a pickup for the day. She didn't have to do this at all and she didn't even think twice about it. That was so nice of her! We were in quite the bind and it was incredible to come across such caring people. We will forever be grateful for the kindness she showed us! Her amazing mechanics got my car fixed by that evening and back on the road we went! Luckily, it was a minor issue and it runs as good as new again. I would recommend this shop to anyone!! They go above and beyond to help their customers and that's a wonderful quality to have. I'm so glad we were pointed in the direction of this shop. I will never forget Joni and her staff. They have a wonderful business and take pride in what they do. Sincerely, Emily and Josh
Emily Gehrig from Fairview Heights, Illinois
2000 Ford Taurus was leaking pink fluid, took it to a shop, they said that it was coolant because water pump was bad. So we fixed it. Still kept leaking pink fluid but not as bad - just some drops and 50 cent piece size puddles. Took it back to the shop, they said now its the transmission and they didn't do transmissions. I felt like I had gotten taken advantage of. Then I met Joni, She was so awesome. She could have told me I needed a new transmission - I wouldn't have know the difference, but she didn't. at first they couldn't find the leak and weren't 100% convinced it was the transmission, but she kept it overnight to check some more. The next day she told me that through some troubleshooting they noticed that the place where you add fluid had gotten something stuck down inside and that could be causing a "back up" and fluid could be spitting out. They got it out and sent me on my way and said to keep an eye on it and if it still leaked to come back. She didn't even charge me because she felt they really didn't "do" anything. Well, I haven't had a single drop leak out since. Joni may have felt they didn't "do" anything but they sure did do something! They earned a lifelong customer. It is hard enough to find a mechanic that knows what they are doing and does quality work but to find someone like Joni and her team that have such a high level of integrity - I think that is priceless!
EF from Hernando, MS
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David Dacy from Hernando, Ms.
HONEST DEPENDABLE CONCERNED INFORMED. These are just a few words that describe Nathan and Joni. Th...
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